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Monday, March 21, 2011

A New Way to Keep Up With Qatar News

Qatar is hitting the headlines at the moment.

Qatar is supporting the rebels in Libya, but the government in Bahrain. Al Jazeera has been challenged in it role of supporting freedom in the Middle East (and its assertions of editorial independence) after also supporting the Bahrain government, and Qatar jets could soon be in action over Libya.

It's not something we have covered on QatarVisitor.com, as some time ago we decided to focus on being a travel guide. So I am really glad that the excellent people from DohaNews, who supply us with a constant stream of both news and astute and funny comments on Twitter, have set up a new site focussed purely on Qatar and Qatar related news.

Check it out here: Doha News.

They have also promised to furnish us with their top stories every month, which we'll be adding to our monthly newsletter.

On a side note, I have been talking to the editor of our sister site in Japan. (Everyone involved in the site is fine, although a bit shaken up!) They have been covering the news there, and you check out their posts on the Japan Visitor blog or see this video by one of their bloggers: Tokyo Earthquake Trashed my Apartment.

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