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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Aramex Shop and Ship : How to order goods to Qatar from Amazon

Review and Practical Information on the Aramex Shipping Service in Qatar

The Aramex office in Salwa RoadAs Christmas approaches, many of us will be wondering how to get presents over from the UK and USA. Not only does Amazon refuse to shop many goods abroad, when you can ship them there is the awful Q-post service to deal with. I’ve had to wait months for some packages, while others have never arrived.

Fortunately, there is an alternative, which is Aramex, a service which allows you to shop on-line to your hearts content in both the UK and US.

The Amazon website: Aramex allows you buy direct from their website

What is Aramex?

Aramex is a courier service which offers a shop and ship service to the Middle East.

First you have to set up an account with Aramex. They will then email you with log in details for their website, as well as an address in both the UK and the USA.

When you shop on-line, you have your goods shipped to your address. Then Aramex will ship the goods to the Middle East.

Shipping prices

Prices are extremely reasonable. It costs 130 riyals (35 dollars) to set up an account with Aramax. After that goods are shipped at a cost of 32 riyals (9 dollars) for the first half kilo, with an additional charge of 26 riyals (7 dollars) for each additional half kilo.

That compares to the 40 pounds (80 dollars) a courier wanted to charge me to send a CD over from the UK.


I initially tried to set up an account on their website. However, this required a zip code, which I do not have. This forced me to find their office, which is located on Salwa road.

To get there drive to Ramada signals. If you are coming from the airport, take a right at the signals. Drive over the flyover, and over the first roundabout after the flyover. When you get to the second roundabout (that’s the one before Midmac roundabout), do a U turn and head back along Salwa Road. You’ll find it on the left, opposite a building site and next to the World Wide shop.

Update: As of 24th May 2008 Aramex will be moving to a new location: see this map for directions.


Far too long ago I said I would update this when I had some personal experience. I have now ordered goods from both America (which Amazon sent in three different packages) and the UK. Each time the goods arrived promptly, and I received a message to pick them up on my mobile phone. When I had goods sent from the UK I actually had the goods sent to my friend's house first, as the company said they would not deliver to a PO Box, and my friend then forwarded it to the Aramex. Although this is not does not quite conform to how the shop and ship service is described, it proved to be no problem.

Obviously, I haven't had extensive experience, and I have seen mixed reviews on the Qatar Living forum (see below for the exact link), and it’s clear that if goods are confiscated by customs you have to sort it out yourself. However, I personally have had good service so far.

Contact details


Aramex: Qatar Office




Aramex Building
Salwa Street
P.O. Box 23151


+974 450-6611


+974 450-6622


Ordering from Amaon: Address details

When ordering from Amazon you will need to put the Aramax phone number in: 7185538740. The zip code is 11413. You need to add the # sign after your PO Box number or, strangely, you get a message saying that this is the wrong zip code.

The full address, should be something like this:

Your name:
147-29 182nd Street
DOH ____#
Springfield Gardens, NY 11413
United States

Notice that Aramex recommend reversing the street and PO box address.

Opening hours

Sat - Thurs 8 a.m. to 8 p.m

Alternative service:

Note that on the comments section below there are details of another service: Bongo International (thank you Cterwill33!) which the writer believes to be better value for heavier items.

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