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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Free Qatar E-cards: Virtual Post Cards and Greeting Cards

I have always hated having to purchase cards.

First there is the price. In the UK you can spend up to five pounds on a card. But they only cost pennies to make! In fact, many shops' main income comes from the huge margins they make on cards.

Then there is the environmental impact. Between American and the UK alone, seven billion paper cards a year are sent. That's enough to stretch round the world 54 times - and to destroy a few forests. And that's even before we get onto the toxic chemicals many manufacturers use to produce cards...

Finally, there is the ridiculous amount of choice you have. You go into a shop wanting a simple birthday card. Instead of picking one up and immediately walking out of the shop,you have to wade through mountains of overly specific greetings - Happy 31st Birthday to my sister-in-law, greetings to my husband on mother's day, congratulations to cousin's mother-in-law on the occasion of her grandson's first birthday e.t.c.

So why are we going on about this - there's not much relation to Qatar, is there? Well, there is, because we have started our free e-card service - using pictures of Qatar. Nor do we have mountains of greetings - apart from one card with a simple Happy Birthday, you can simply choose your own greetings and special effects.

We'll be adding more cards as we approach Eid and Christmas. In the meantime, save your money, time and the environment with our postage paid e-cards!

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