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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Qatar Blogs Update

What's going on with the Qatar Blogosphere

It's a long time since we blogged about Qatar Blogs - more than a year ago in fact (see the best blogs in Qatar) - and it seemed like time for an update. There are a lot more blogs worth including than there were last time, so this time we are just going to highlight a few of our favourites.

Happily, Like Clockwork Orange, one of our favourite blogs, has been resuscitated after a break of several months. Our blogger is no longer in Qatar, having become a Hong Kong resident, so hopefully he will be writing some more of his wonderful posts about that city.

No Longer at Ease continues to go strong with often disturbing and thought provoking stories about North Africa and the Middle East. Al Jazeera news analyst Abdurahman has also been joined in his efforts by Hanna, a final year undergraduate literature student.

Football Qatar is a relatively new blog on the block. Although its reporting is excellent, it seems to have taken a hiatus at a time when there is lots going on with Qatar Football - hopefully a temporary one.

The Supreme Education Council has become one of the first major organisations in Qatar to join the ranks of Qatar bloggers with the SEC blog. The blog is not very regularly updated as of yet, but does give users the chance to make their opinions known.

Another Education blog is run by Julie Lindsay, who is head of technology at Qatar Academy. Her blog E Learnings Journeys aims to share her ideas about "E-Learning, ICT integration and digital literacy in education".

Life and Leisure, the San Juan blog, is another one that continues to go strong, although their balance of information about Qatar and information about family seems to be leaning more towards family these days.

There's also Mr Q's blog, which belongs to the I Love Qatar website and aims to give a Qatari perspective on life in Qatar. Despite the name of the website, the content is generally balanced and includes criticism as well as praise. Another blog providing an alternative perspective on events in Qatar is Moz Boondoggle, which is written by an American Muslim journalist: the blog is both thoughtful and well written.

Last but not least there is a great blog called Dan in the Desert, which is a pleasure to read and always seems to include some great photographs.

By the way, if you have a great blog we have missed here, give us a shout and we'll add it to our blog list on the website!

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