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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Best blogs in Qatar

I always feel rather guilty that I am listed with the Qatar Blogs Project, but don't list all the blogs in my side bar, as we are supposed to.

Unfortunately, there a large number of blogs, which would take up valuable side bar space. In addition, many of the blogs have also been abandoned, or are only posted to only rarely. Some haven't been touched since 2005!

Ultimately, I want control over who I link to, and putting Qatar Living's code into my blog would stop me from having that. However, it's a shame as there are some excellent blogs. So instead of putting them all on my side bar, I've listed my favourites in the post below.

Like Clockwork Orange: The author, a Filipino working 16 hours a day six days a week and sharing a room with two other men somewhat lacking in personal hygiene, blogs on his single day off. It was never going to be the most cheerful blog. However, the posts are thoughtful, moving and very well written.

No longer at ease
An Australian-Somalian deeply disturbed by the events and injustice of the world around him blogs on the politics and conflicts of the region around Qatar.

City of dreams & City of Sensex: An Indian blogging about both Qatar and the city he loves, Bombay.

Mohamed's blog: A South Africa (journalist?) blogs about media, technology and culture.

Morad's bloggie: An IT specialist blogs about IT and internet developments.

All Abroad - Another IT fanatic, with a keen interest in perl. What really interests me is his latest project, Qatar Journal, an online newspaper, which he is planning to launch properly on the 12th of May.

Life on the Spot: A long running blog run by a Filipino couple. Alternates between family and life in Doha. Plenty of useful information if you are thinking of coming to Doha.

Marjorie in Qatar
: Lots of thoughts and musings on Qatar news.

Musings of a Greeker: This chap is not a frequent poster, but I like his writing style, and he has some great photos.

Expressions Unlimited: I like this blog's template - it took me aback when I first clicked on it. The title of the blog says it all - photographs, poetry and stories.

Cat in the Gulf
- this blog is no longer a Qatari blog - cat has moved to Dubai. However, as she's been blogging so long about Qatar, not to mention being one of the founder members of Qatar Chatter, I think she's deserves inclusion in a list of best Qatar blogs.

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