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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hala Card Changes

Qtel is planning major changes to its hala card services, according to its press release in Zawya.com. Well, they call them enhancements, but we will reserve judgement until we have seen them. (Or at least until we know they don't involve a price rise!)

For anyone who is new to Qatar, Hala Cards are a very easy and convenient way of charging your phone with credit. You simply buy a card in the denomination you want (QAR30, 50 or a 100), scratch off the foil at the back and enter the number into your phone.

I have always wondered what happens if the number doesn't work, but it has never happened to me nor have I ever heard of it happening.

When something does work I always worry when there are plans to "energise" the service - energise being Qtel's words and not mine. Still, maybe I am being cynical, and the service will in someway be better. One improvement I can think of would be to make it easy to top up the phone online or by texting - or from abroad when your validity is about to run out!

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