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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Qatar Environment: Solar Powered Mat

Qatar may have a long way to go before it becomes environmentally friendly, but it may be just that little bit closer after one of its citizens invented a solar powered mat.

Camping is a popular hobby in Qatar, but most people have put aside the hardships of the past, when the Bedouin would rely on camel dung to start up fires, and cook in the hot sand below the fires. Instead many now rely on generators to power luxuries from ovens to televisions.

Camping in Qatar is not what it used to be...

Now, thanks to Qatar's Mohamed al-Sada of the Qatar scientific club, these generators can be powered by the electronic mat he has invented. The mat, which takes five minutes to install, can power a heater, air conditioners, a television, home theatre, 10 laptops and mobile phone chargers.

Mohammed al-Sada stated that he had been inspired by the Green Qatar Goal set by the Emir. We hadn't actually heard of this green goal - but rest assured we will be doing some research into it!

This is a great invention by Qatar, and one the country can be proud of. The price, however, may deter the casual camper - the mat weighs in at a cool QAR250,000.

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