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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Qatar Visitor in 2009

These are our new year's resolutions for the Qatar Visitor website.

  • Have our website redesigned.
I've long been unhappy with the look of our website. Now it is time to get the site redesigned, and looking more professional. (Which means paying somone to do it instead of doing it ourselves!)
  • Speed the website up
The original Qatar Visitor website was a clone of another, older website. As a result it used antiquated code (tables e.t.c.). In 2009 we want to rebuild and optimize the website - and hopefully speed download time by up to 50%.
  • Invest
We want to continue putting our revenue into making Qatar Visitor a better website, with more articles and more features.
  • Forum
We will move the Qatar Visitor forum to a new address, www.QatarChatter.com, after a code failure brought the whole website down in December. We will also be adding new features to the site.

QatarChatter used to be a website, but the domain dropped and it was bought up by regsite.com We loved the name, and thought it perfect for a forum, so we bought it from them in turn.

We'll also reluctantly be adding Google ads to it. Unfortunately, our bandwidth costs are increasing every month, and ads have now become a necessity.

  • Newsletter
We plan to maintain our new newsletter, apart from the summer months. We'll be putting in news which would affect travelers and residents (visas, regulations e.t.c.), putting in links to what we think is the best of what's new on the website and holding a monthly competition for subscribers.

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