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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

QV Man Turns to Cheese, Meets Royalty

Ex-Qatar Visitor man Mathew Harris has made good with cheese - cheese so good it has had the royal stamp of approval.

Prince Charles getting to meet Mathew Harris.
Matt was the man behind our interactive map of Qatar, and the designer of our Qatar Today ad, as well as a number of the website's other features.

Now he has turned his back on the busy life of the city and headed off to the rural bliss in Devonshire.

Taking his chance to get away from a computer screen, he has also started his own Devonshire Deli.

And at Qatar Visitor, we have no doubt that it was the superb and unbeatable taste of his cheese that attracted Prince Charles to the market this day.

So, if you are heading towards the UK and fancy some rather special cheese, be sure to check out his website!