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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Websites for Qatar?

In a recent post on Qatar Living we asked what websites people thought Qatar needed.

Food and Friends

British Expat felt that Qatar needed a Looking for Friends website - but only so that regular Qatar Living users could have the forum back to themselves!

Other people were thinking about their stomachs rather than their hearts: Bahrain 83 wanted a website where people could go and order food online from the most popular food outlets - and for an example pointed at this website: Feedme.

Maps and Shops

Onemakikomoto wanted a Qatar Mapquest, updated daily, to help commuters plan routes and avoid local diversions and road construction.

Steve and Kim pointed out that there were already interactive maps on Qatcom, and that people could find businesses on the websites power pages. Big Boi also mentioned the interactive Doha Map site.

Steve and Kim were also looking forward to another website, Qbay, an online Qatar auction and market which would combine shopping online with a delivery service.

Websites for future?

Already there has been huge growth in the internet in Qatar. Qatar Living is huge, Qatcom has come from nowhere to provide an online directory of over 25000 Qatar companies and Araboo has provided the first e-commerce site.

This could be just the beginning. What websites do you think we will see in Qatar in the future?

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