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Monday, June 15, 2009

10 Ways to Find a Job in Qatar

Over the last few years we have written about virtually everything under the sun in Qatar - nature, history, culture, food, hotels, clothes, forts, malls, souqs and much more. Yet over and over again we have seen that what people are really interested in is jobs. So here are a list of ten ways to find a job in Qatar:

1. Find an agency (we list several job agencies here: Qatar Job Agencies) but be careful - some of the more disreputable ones will illegally charge you money for the privilige of using your services.

2. Browse local ads in newspapers like the Gulf Times and the Peninsula.

3. Browse online Qatar jobs sites such as our Qatar jobs listing.

4. Let the employers find you: Upload your CV to a site such as Bayt.com. (Make sure your CV is in tip-top condition - read our article on CV advice before submitting it!)

5. Make use of Linked In and other professional networking sites. I have one friend who got a job interview when he met the CEO of a major company via Linked In.

6. Browse industry specific jobs sites such as PlaneJobs.com or catererglobal.com. (This is how I found my job here!)

7. Go directly to the websites of companies in your industry. Companies such as QP maintain large vacancy sections where they directly advertise jobs. You can read about the benefits of QP jobs and find a direct link to their website on our webpage here: QP Jobs.

8. Send out speculative CV's. I worked for one company that only ever recruited from random CV's sent to their office.

9. Network. Qatar Living is a mine of useful local information. Don't spam with your details, but do take ask friendly locals about where to look for jobs, job opportunities e.t.c. Also check out our own forum Qatar Chatter and I Love Qatar.

10. Coming to Qatar: The final method is the one we least recommend, but for the sake of completeness we are adding it here. Coming to Qatar is expensive and risky (you might not find a job) but it does work for some people. In particular, I met a couple who found a job with the a hotel after coming to Qatar and visiting all the hotels in turn. Be aware, though, that 'local' contracts' are not always as good as international contracts.

Also see our website article: Finding work in Qatar

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