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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fourteen Reasons why you should leave Qatar

Before anyone accuses me of being overly negative, check out my 10 reasons to stay in Qatar. Although, worryingly, I can think of 4 more reasons to leave than to stay. Then again, I am British, and we are very good at moaning!

1. With a maid to clean and cook, you are becoming spoilt.

Or, instead of thinking how unfair it is that maids have to do all your cooking and cleaning, you spend all that valuable new free time you have moaning about servant problems.

2. You should also consider leaving if you are the maid doing the housework, and you are getting sick of spoilt expats.

3. Your children are growing up here. When you go home, it will not be their home, but at the same time they can never truly belong to Qatar. They will grow up without ever truly belonging to one place.

4. The driving and the drivers are nuts.

5. You are becoming racist. It's a strange thing, a thing which my wife pointed out to me, but many people seem to become racist here. Perhaps its human nature that a melting pot of human culture can lead more often to mutual disrespect than to mutual understanding.

6. You are sick of living by the sea but having no decent beach to visit. And while the Corniche is lovely, it drives you mad that you can't dive into that gorgous sea.

7. The weather may be okay now, but in the summer it is just way too hot.

8. If you could make as much money, or even nearly as much money, at home. Alternatively, you would make less money, but when you figure in living costs it would be the same.

9. The H Tax - (housing, according to Johnson) - the large amount of their pay some employees have to spend on housing. Although, to be fair, this is coming down.

10. The traffic is going to get worse - much worse! Did you realise that there are ten thousand new cars being added a month to the roads? Expect gridlock well before Qatar's planned train system arrives. And expect road chaos while the train system is being built.

11. If someone else with the same (or fewer) skills and the same (or less) experience as you is getting paid more because they are a different nationality.

12. If you are an Asian man and are sick of being turned away from malls because of the colour of your skin.

13. English breakfast...

14. QBS.

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