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Monday, November 06, 2006

Builders in Qatar

A half-complete building in Doha
Workers labour in walless rooms high above the ground

There are strict rules concerning building in Qatar. Workers are supposed to wear safety harnesses at all times. Rumour is, though, that the private companies flout the rules and force the workers to forego the harness in order to speed up the building process.

Death at work is common. People are killed by collapsing scaffolding, have heart attacks and suffer from heat strokes. And often all they get is 600 riyals a month - sometimes barely enough to pay off the debt they incurred coming here.

Suicide is common.

The Gulf Times reported a strike a couple of months ago. The striking workers had not been paid, were without air-conditioning and were relying on charity to eat.

"The problem with them is they are not motivated," said their company.

I wonder why.

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