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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cost of Living Update: Food Items

"Look at these lemons," said my wife recently as I walked into the kitchen. The pack of four lemons had a price tag of 12 riyals. "They were a riyal each not long ago."

I realised it was time for an update on the cost of living. I don't believe in giving estimates of how much it costs to live in a country, because it is different for everybody - some people survive on less than a 1000 riyals a month (although survive rather than live is the appropriate word) - while others struggle on 20,000. One thing you should do before accepting a job is build some slack into your cost of living expenses. Unless Qatar abandons the dollar peg, prices will continue to rise.

The cost of goods here were taken either from Carrefour or from Family Food Centre, two of the major food stores in Doha. On balance, Carrefour has proven to be the cheaper of the two.

Exchange rates:

The riyals is roughly equivalent to the following:

1 riyal = 0.27 US dollars/ 0.14 pounds / 11 Indian Rupees / 11.5 Philippine Pesos

To convert riyals to any other currency use this Qatar Currency converter, and to see a more complete and up-to-date list of currencies see this list of Qatar exchange rates. To see more posts on the cost of living click on the cost of living label below.

Note: we will be following this up with updates on the cost of accommodation, buying a car and going out in Qatar.


Price in Qatar Riyals

Tea Bags (100 bags) 8.50
Salt 2.50
Butter (100 gr) 2.75
Coffee Nescafe (250 grammes) 28.75
Water (1 gallon)8
Milk (2 litres) 10
Juice (2 litres) 9
Whole chicken (medium) 18
Beef (local)
Beef 1kg (New Zealand) 32
Lamb (local)
Lamb (New Zealand) 34
Tin of tuna 5
Sadia chicken nuggets13
Chicken sausages (1 can) 9.50
Tin of sardines 1.50
Loaf of bread (white) 4
Jasmine rice (1kg)10.25
Potato (1 kg) 4.00
Packet of pasta 3
Instant noodles (pack of 5) 4.50
Tray of eggs (24) 23
Tomato ( 1kg) 5.50
Broccoli (1 kg) 21.00
Corn oil ((750 ml) 8.50

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