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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dodging Sweets in Qatar

Qataris are proud of their hospitality, and you will almost certainly be offered refreshments when doing business or socialising.

Turning down these refreshments is rude.

Unfortunately, Qataris also have a sweet tooth.

Much of the food you are offered is likely to be sugary drinks, donuts and cakes.

I'm always dodging these foods when I can, and sometimes sneak sugary cans into my bag when I am left alone. There are times, though, when it is not possible to avoid them.

It's a shame, because while most Qataris are a jolly and friendly people, they also suffer from a very high level of diabetes. And it was when a Qatar acquantaince recently got gangrene from complications arising from diabetes that I remembered just why I was so fussy about my diet.

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