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Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Ritz Carlton Sharq Village and Spa: Cigar Bar

The Swimming Pool at the Ritz Carlton Sharq Village and Spa
Location: Ras Abu Aboud Road, between the Oasis Hotel and Doha Club

For a change of venue we decided to try a night out at the Cigar Bar in Doha's Ritz Carlton Sharq Village and Spa. This is one of Doha's newest hotels - only completed this year - and probably also the most luxurious.

We weren't even sure if we'd be allowed in, but we were greeted with the utmost politeness at the entrance and then escorted to the bar.

Don't expect a buzzing night out here - besides being small (but luxurious), we were the only people there. This is a place to relax, and to watch strange tropical fish flit about in their brightly coloured aquariums. Or you can do as we did, and sit outside and admire the hotels superb fifteen thousand metre pool.

Afterwards, take the opportunity for a stroll round the hotel's fifteen courtyards, or walk along the private beach and admire the lights reclecting from the port. The only thing likely to disturb your piece is planes - unfortunately the hotel is located in the flight path of Doha Airport, although that should change when the airport is relocated next year.

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