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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Brazil get 2014 World Cup

Brazil have been named as the 2014 World Cup hosts.

Relevance to Qatar? It's just increased Qatar's chances of getting the 2016 Olympics. In fact, just by a process of elimination, Qatar's chances do not seem too bad at all now.

Rio De Janeira now has a major tournament two years before the Games. Europe has it in 2012, and China in 2008, so given the Olympic committee's preference for rotating continents that would put Madrid, Tokyo and Prague at a disadvantage.

Azerbaijan doesn't have the infrastructure and has no serious chance of winning. Meanwhile, America has had the Olympic Games twice in the last two decades (and a bit) and, let's face it, is not the most popular country in the world.

Qatar, on the other hand, is adept at being everyone's friends. They manage to keep relationships going with Iran, Israel and America at the same time - not a bad achievement! And, as we mentioned in our previous post on the Olympics, the Olympics have never before been held in an Arab country – surely a strong selling point.

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Qatar's 2016 Olympic Bid

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