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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Qatar and Lebanon

A crowd wave the Lebanese flag: Source FlickrJunkieAccording to The Interpreter, Qatar is punching above its weight again in regard to Lebanon. After the recent strife in Lebanon which raised fears of a return to civil war Qatar moved rapidly to host talks between the different factions, and the different factions are now attempting to talk it out in Doha.

Qatar is an ideal host for the talks. In addition to the fact that many Lebanese live and work in the country, Qatar strives to be a friend to everyone and an enemy to no-one. Sometimes this can be difficult: maintaining relationships with Israel, America and Iran at the same time is no easy matter. What's more, despite major Qatar investment (to the tune of $12 billion over the next five years) Syria, which is deeply involved in Lebanese politics, may not always have been so very friendly back, at least according to the Counter Terrorism blog.

Nevertheless, Qatar is admirably ploughing on, although Lebanon' s quagmire politics must be a challenge for its geniality. Hopefully, the famous Qatar hospitality can pull it off and prove that this tiny country can indeed punch above its weight.

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