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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Renewing your Residence Permit

How To Renew a Family Visa

Update: After finding the forms unavailable on Hukoomi, we have now scanned the forms and added the PDFs to the Qatar Visitor website - see links below.

While employees residence permits are usually renewed by companies, employees may have to renew the residence permits of those they sponsor - wives/husbands, children e.t.c. Fortunately, renewing a residence permit is a relatively simple matter.

When the time came to renew my daughter's residence permit we headed down to the typists in Sofatel to pick up a form and get it typed up (but any typist will do). To complete the form you need:

  • your passport/ID
  • your dependents' (wife/children) passports
  • your telephone number
  • your PO Box number

We needed my passport and my daughter's passport, one picture (the background should not be white, although in fact ours was and it did not cause any problems) and photocopies of the passports. The renewal of the visa cost QAR300, although government employees with the relevant letter can get it free. The form should be signed, but young children can give a thumb print instead.

Having got your form typed up, you can renew your residence permit in either the post office or in immigration. We chose the post office - it turned out to be a good choice, as the there was only a small queue. Although being Qatar, the automatic machine that gives you a waiting number was behind a screen and desk, and had an operator, meaning that you had to stand up and queue to get the ticket that meant you didn't have to stand up and queue!

Still there were only a couple of people waiting, the post office is a pleasant and civilized place (my wife went to the cafe to get a coffee while I waited) and the whole process only took about ten minutes. And now we don't have to do it again for my daughter for another three years - hooray!

Official Forms: Form to Renew Residence Permit | Important Notes

Renewing your Residence Permit on Hukoomi

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