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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

BBC Qatar Article

Katy Adler visits Doha in a recent BBC news article on Qatar, but fails to get under the skin of the country.

In many respects she has the same experience as many expatriates here - the people she meets, apart from in an official capacity, are not Qatari.

Yet Qataris, when you meet them, are generally friendly people when approached, and while Qatar has its faults hospitality to guests is not one of them.

I have received numerous invitations to go on desert trips, camping, fishing and have visited houses several times.

Yousara Adelaal, in an article for us about Qatari men made a similar point, arguing that Qatari men only seem to be unaproachable, and that it is well worth breaking down that barrier. 

The BBC article did make some good points too. 

Its interesting that everyone clams up when freedom of the press is mentioned, although it's a shame they didn't mention the Doha Press Freedom Center, and the big row it is currently involved in over  local press freedom. 

However, I was very suprised at the mention of state hangings. 

Although officially legal, there has been a effective moritorium on executions for years, with the current Emir commuting all death sentences passed in the country. 

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