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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Qtel Strikes Again

Getting in Contact with Qtel

Seeing that people were getting in contact with Qtel too easily (only one hour waiting time) Qtel have now taken new steps to frustrate and annoy customers.

This was my recent experience when, after 17 hours of no internet (general error according to Qtel) my internet slowed to a crawl for several days.

Now when you ring Qtel you get a new message telling you all operators are busy and asking you to ring back later.

If this was an option it would be quite a good idea. However, you are then cut off.

Of course, when you do telephone back later you get the same message.

I can only assume that a Vodafone mole has infiltrated Qtel and is taking measures to make sure all Qtel customers transfer to Vodafone when their internet services become available.

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