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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Qatar living

I was astonished to find that some friends of mine who have been here for years had not heard of the Qatar Living website. This forum is a mine of local information, and invaluable in a country where information often has to be prised out of reluctant hands. It's particularly valuable for people considering job offers in the country, and have those quirky little questions that are so hard to find an answer for.Bloggers can join the Qatar Blogs project, which instantly provides them with lots of links. There's a section for free classified ads, and an events section for people to keep up with what's going on in Qatar.In addition to providing practical information, a lot of people use the site socially as well. (From the amount some people post, you have to wonder just how busy some of them are at work!) Many frank opinions are posted, and sometimes exchanges can get heated. The moderater, Qatari, sometimes has to step in and remind people to play nice!

Perhaps the best result of Qatar Living is that people of different nationalities, culture and religions mix on-line. The resulting exchange of ideas will hopefully lead to a greater tolerance and understanding among this tiny but culturally diverse country - at least, among its on-line community!

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