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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The price of alcohol in Qatar

How much does alcohol cost in Qatar? Assuming this might be as big a consideration for other expats as it is for us, we decided to make a trip to the booze shop to find out. (As if we needed an excuse!) The prices below, however, are only a representative sample, designed to give someone thinking of coming here a rough idea of the cost of alcohol in Qatar. (For information on the practicalities of buying alcohol in Qatar, see this post.)

Imperial Vodka (75 cl) 34 riyals/9 dollars
Smirnoff Vodka (75cl) 82 riyals/22 dollars
Absolute Vodka (75 cl) 85 riyals/ 23 dollars
Napoleon French brandy VSOP (1 litre) 55 riyals/ 15 dollars
Old Monk Rum (75 cl) 34 riyals/ 9 dollars
Grants whiskey (75 cl) 69 riyals/ 19 dollars
Glenfidich single malt whiskey 12 years 169 riyals/ 46 dollars
Case of 12 San Miguel Bottles (33cl) 110 riyals/ 30 dollars
Case of Oranjeboom 24 cans (50 cl) 118 riyals/ 32 dollars
Case of Fosters 24 bottles (35 cl) 128 riyals/ 35 dollars
Case of 20 Guiness cans 44cl 216 riyals/ 59 dollars
5 litre box red claret select 118 riyals/ 32 dollars
5 litre box Berri Estates rose 93 riyals/ 26 dollars
Easy drinking red and white wines 28/29 riyals 8 dollars
Bottle Rioja Monte de Cassio 2003 72 riyals/ 20 dollars
Bottle Rioja Monte de Cassio (Reserve) 2000 140 riyals/ 35 dollars
Merlot Chilean red 2004 48 riyals/ 13 dollars
Stanley Estates White wine (4 litres) 68 riyals/ 17 dollars
Nottage Hall Chardonnay (white) 2005 39 riyals/ 11 dollars
Eagle hawk Australian white 2006 57 riyals/17 dollars

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