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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Dhow Boatyard

Traditional Dhows, or Merkhab, are common sights in Qatar, and are still used commercially, although nowadays they are powered by engines rather than by sail. Dhows are still built in Qatar's dhow boat yard, which is sandwiched between the Oasis Hotel and the Sailing club on Ras Abu Aboud road.

A completed dhow at the Dhow Workshop in DohaIf you drive in, and briefly introduce yourself, you are welcome to look around, poke your nose around and take picture of the dhows. The boats you'll see include small multi-person rowing boats, fast-looking sailing boats and monster fishing dhows.

Men working on dhows
This is currently the only Dhow workshop in Qatar, and there have been rumours it is going to be demolished. However, there are plans to introduce more workshops, as well as a stipend to help owners maintain their costly wooden boats.

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