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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Discovering Qatar: by Frances Gillespie

ISBN 99921-70-32-8 Sponsored by RasGas
148 pp

Detailed information about Qatar, and especially about Qatar’s culture and history, is not easily available. So it was a real pleasure to discover Discovering Qatar, which deals with both the history and natural history of Qatar.

The book starts with an overview of the history of Qatar, from the first signs of people to the recent development of the country. It then focuses on specific areas of the country – and their history – and on the former lives of the Qatari people, so different until a few short years ago. The second half of the book explores the natural history of the peninsula, with sections on many of the land and sea creatures that inhabit Qatar. The book is illustrated throughout with superb photography.

The author and long term Doha resident, Frances Gillespie, is a former President of the Qatar Natural History Society, which organizes trips and lectures about Qatar, and coordinator of the Qatar Archeology Project . She has contributed to several books, and is a regular writer for the Gulf Times. In Discovering Qatar she has succeeded in producing a book which is full of detail but never fails to be fascinating.

Unfortunately Discovering Qatar is not yet available on Amazon, but you can pick it up in Qatar at Carrefour and local book shops, or email the author directly on gillespi[at]qatar.net.qa .

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