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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Grand Hamad Street

 A giant hand clutches the hilt of a sword in Grand Hamad Street

Grand Hamad Street is a broad road splitting the centre of Doha in two as it sweeps towards the Corniche. Off Grand Hamad Street you will find the branches of all the major banks as well as Khaleej Insurance. As you drive towards the Corniche, on your right you'll find the bus station, Kathindo - an Indonesian restaurant and shop - and, a little further back, the Gold Souq. On your left, in 2 grey buildings, you have Souq Al Ahmed. This souq has, in addition to other merchandise, a large range of clothing and tailors, while nearby Souq Najada mobile phone and telecommunications shops.

.Two giant swords touch to form an arc over Grand Hamad Street.Also see Ambitious plans for Doha

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