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Friday, January 05, 2007


The KDF Islamic Centre from Souq Waqif
On Friday morning this chair has been left outside a shop in Souk Waqif, opposite the KDF Islamic Centre. With an extremely low crime rate, it is common for shop owners to leave their shops open but unattended, or even leave large items outside overnight. This shop owner didn't leave his products, though - extremely valuable falcons.

After taking this photo, I was lucky enough to meet the architect. The KDF Islamic Centre represents a combination of five buildings, including the Qatar Centre for the Presentation of Islam. This is an organisation which tries to convert non-Muslims to the faith. The Centre also has a multi-purpose hall and is home to a bank. Three of the five buildings have separate entrances for men and women. The Mosque forms the centre of the building. The idea behind the combination of buildings was partly to attract non-Muslims, who might be scared of entering a mosque, into the building. The spiral shape of the tower is to symbolise touching with the sky and with Allah.

Coffee and dancing in Souq Waqif

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