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Monday, March 05, 2007


Centre point, also called Al Smakh mall, is another relatively recent though small addition to Doha’s ever growing shopping scene. As a family with young children, we appreciate the Baby Shop here, which has children toys for all ages, playhouses, cots, children’s beds and so on. Close by you'll find Splash, with very reasonably priced clothes, and Shoe Mart.

There’s some fast food places, but nothing like the range the big malls have. There’s also a few shops selling things for the house: clocks, fake flowers, miniature waterfalls, candles and so on. The best of these is Home Centre, which has a large range of furniture and takes up a large portion of the top floor.

Opposite Home Centre is a small children's play area, which actually looks quite good. You can also buy sunglasses, and there’s a small electronics shops selling big brand names. Frankly, though, with no supermarket and a small range of shops, there’s better places to spend your money.

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