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Friday, March 16, 2007


Go to the bird souq in the live animal market and you'll see some small birds for sale for as little as 300 riyals . However, visit the falcon shops in Souk Waqif, and you will specimens of a completely different ilk. While not the most expensive (you will see these on Qatar Air, often with their own first class seat) the best birds birds will retail for thousands rather than hundreds of US dollars.

A falcon, hood removed, flaps its wings furiously
This shop, while not the biggest, was the friendliest of the ones we visited, even letting tourists hold birds. They were also willing to chat about the falcons, and tell us about where they came from and what they hunted.

A falconry shop in Souq Waqif
While most visitors and expats won't want to buy a falcon, other souvenirs may interest you. At the falcon shops, you can buy small and ornate falcon hoods, pictures, the colourful leashes used to tether the falcons and the catapults used to train the birds.

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