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Friday, February 16, 2007

Qatar Explorer

The Complete Residents Guide (1st Edition)
ISBN 976-8182-53-9 (251pp)

Qatar can prove to be a bureaucratic and confusing maze for the unsuspecting visitor. Public and private sector workers alike sometimes regard information as something to be given out only with the greatest reluctance, while others express amazement at your lack of knowledge of the intricacies of their organizations.

Qatar: the complete residents guide is currently both the most comprehensive and the best tourist guide, with much of this information available between it purple covers. It’s divided into six sections: general info, residents, exploring, activities, shopping and going out.

While, it seems, everything a tourist or resident would want to know about has been included, it would be nice to have more detail on some areas, such as food, culture and history. However, as it title suggests, both it’s main focus and its strength is on providing clear and practical information for residents, and it includes information on housing, setting up home, health and education. The adverts which dot its pages may prove to be an irritation for a book that you have paid for, but at least they contribute to a reasonable price for a book which has only a small potential market. Overall, this is a book well worth buying for anyone thinking of coming to work and live in Qatar.

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