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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Renewing your road permit

The whole process of renewing the Estimara (road permit) was far simpler than I expected. I first checked I had no traffic violations. You can do this online at www.e.gov.qa. Click on Traffic Violations, then Pay Online. You can check if you have any outstanding fines on your car by putting either your ID number or your car plate number. You need to pay any fines before you can renew your permit.

Go to a traffic department – I used the Medinat Khalifa department, which is opposite the immigration department. You need your technical test certificate, insurance, ID card andThe typists offices will type up your forms in Arabic, take photographs and provide other services original road permit. Get the form typed up, (there are two typists’ offices to do this, and in any case they’ll jump on you as soon as you get out of your car). You give the typist your documents and he will complete the form for you in Arabic. The typist should charge you about 5 riyals.

Get a stamp for your form, and walk into the traffic department. Go to the information kiosk. The person at the kiosk will tell you which counter to go to. Go to the counter. Hand over your form and documents. The person (normally a lady) will type the details in and your new road permit will come out of the computer.

Locals will tell you to go early in the morning. Perhaps because everyone goes early in the morning, it was very quiet when I arrived at 10.45, and I got the whole process completed in about ten minutes.

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