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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Shopping developments: Vista, Apple and books

Vista has arrived in Qatar! Carrefour in Villagio was stocking Vista laptops this morning, with the most reasonable being a widescreen Compaq with vista basic, a gigabyte of ram, a centrina core duo chip and an 80 gigabyte hard drive for a very reasonable 3,100 riyals (US$850). There was also a display in City Centre by an Al Muntazah store called family.lan (contact number 4418938). Their cheapest offer was a desktop with windows vista at 2499 (US$700), although as with almost all desktops here it was Pentium 4 rather than windows duo.

Meanwhile Al Mana, Apple's official agent in Qatar, plans to open an Apple Centre. This will be located on the third floor, next to the Nokia shop overlooking the ice rink. It looks like some time before it will be completed, but when it is buying an apple computer may not be such a pipe dream for Qatar residents.

And it gets even better! At long last, City Centre has a bookshop. Nestling just round the corner from the forthcoming Apple Centre is a new book shop, called I-spy. It’s very well laid out, with armchairs to relax while you browse, and a children’s section with comfy cushions on the floor. Interestingly, we could not spot one single Arabic book.

Qatar Visitor Bookstore

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