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Tuesday, December 19, 2006


A mechanic's sign
Officially, mechanics are not allowed in most areas of Doha. TheA street full of auto electricians government prefers to keep oily enterprise like that off the beautified streets of Doha and in places like the industrial areas. However, auto-electricians are allowed, and in practice they will do normal repairs on your car.

The street in the picture (off Bin Hamad Street in Ibn Mahmood area) is full of these little workshops. These places are far cheaper than the official car garages: a basic service, with an oil and oil filter change, normally sets me back about 70 riyals (about twenty US dollars). It's worth finding a good mechanic and building a relationship with them. Then they will not only repair your car, they'll also run around for you, have your car tested and obtain your Estimara(road permit) for you.

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