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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

De-Qatarising Yourself; or How I Escaped: The Whole Story

By Steve

I had been warned, rather fore-armed, that the process of leaving the country is more tortuous than that described elsewhere for entering. And so it proved, although I must say from the outset that it was not as bad for me as it has been for others, and in October 06 they did simplify the procedure somewhat as I discovered on Trial The First. Everyone I had contact with was very helpful and nice about everything, which really helped. The trail leads all over Doha at least three times to every place, some four times, and that’s if nothing goes wrong, which is not possible. Form signings, stampings, checkings, re-stampings, re-checkings ad ridiculusem. Also of course, this is the Ministry of Education experience, others, especially private companies will be different, perhaps easier, perhaps not and employ people to do it all for you. I choose to do it myself just for the laugh really!


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