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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Dinosaur Exhibition: The Lost World Returns

A dinosaur snarls at the entrance to the exhibition A dinosaur fossil exhibition is currently being held at the Sheraton Hotel. Not only is entrance free, there is a lost world bag for children and free glossy brochures for adults.

Some of the exhibits in the show are the only complete fossil skeletons of their type in the world. All are superbly presented and lit. The exhibition is complete with scary dinosaur sounds (my two year old was most impressed) and accompanying video shows.

After your children are sufficiently scared (mine wouldn't let me put her down), you can move onto the jewellery and clothes exhibitions. We saw superb examples of Moghul jewellery, including an exquisitely crafted 17th century falcon made from gold and studded with gems which must have been worth a fortune. Posted by Picasa

It was also very interesting too to see the difference Dinosaur skeletonsbetween old Qatari clothes - made with ornaments of silver and old coins - and the much richer gold laden clothing of the present. It also gives you an inkling into the psychology of this very young country when you see phrases like "as early as the 1930's". This was referring to the crossover from silver to gold- it is, of course, only very recently that Qatar has become the rich country it is now.

This was an excellent (and free way) to spend a rainy afternoon. If you fancy visiting, the exhibition is open until the 14th December, after which the fossils will be going back into storage until there is a museum ready for them.

swimming dinosaur
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