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Friday, December 01, 2006

The Corniche Experience

flags wave along the edge of the CornicheNo, they don’t put you in the middle of the road and then drive Landcruisers and Nissan trucks through red lights at you (although this option is still available) – the Corniche Experience is actually a much more gentle exploration of the five senses.

In the smelly tent (okay, the scent tent) you can experience the different smells of Qatar and tents on the Cornichethe Asian Games. The sight tent has both images of the games and some very cool rotating lights – which you can change by racing on bikes - and in the dark touch tent you put your hand into metal cylinders and guess what you are touching before the object lights up. Outside, multi-coloured flags wave in the wind and speakers blast out both the music and the sounds of the games. The taste tent was the only disappointment – when we were there they didn’t have anything to taste except a few boiled sweets, although it was a little early in the day.

The Corniche Experience is located at Inside the touch tentthe West Bay end of the Corniche near the Sheraton Hotel. In the Sheraton Park there’s also a big screen for broadcasting live coverage of the Asian Games (including the opening and closing ceremonies), a stage for showcasing traditional dances and entertainment from across Asia, shopping tents and food from different countries (at very reasonable prices). You can get your tickets to the Asian Games here, too, – we got our tickets for the football finals for Qr 20 ($5). Overall, well worth the trip.

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