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Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Centre

Inside The Centre
By Chantelle

Location On Salwa Road next to the Ramada Hotel.

Review Megamart, the supermarket in the centre, is essentially geared towards Westerners. It’s also a place where you can get things which you can’t get elsewhere: I’ve bought Easter eggs (three months after Easter), rhubarb, risotto rice, mint jelly, fresh rosemary and both fresh and tinned lemon grass here. Having said that, you can’t always guarantee you’ll get exactly what you want, and the prices of some products are substantially above other supermarkets. Mega-mart has a board for classifieds which always seems to have a good selection of second hand cars available. You’ll also find Megamart in Landmark shopping mall.

Beyond the supermarket, the shopping’s not that great. There’s a range of perfumes -includingKashmir rug a number of major names including Lancome, Gucci and Christine D’or – and jewellery. There’s a lot of clothes, but frankly the quality and selection was not better than can be had in the souks and the prices are more expensive, even with a 20% sale on. I was also shocked that I was unable to buy the pair of stockings that I desperately needed. The most interesting shop was Khazana of Kashmir. Here you can purchase hand woven silk carpets and rugs from Kashmir, teak benches and hand carved antique furniture from India.

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